The Masterview application enables you to create and broadcast sophisticated and striking digital channels to engage your customers and to keep them instantly informed. You can choose to use the numerous formatting online tools to easily compose your digital channels, or you can store digital channels that already exist in Masterview . The application includes several templates for easy preparation of these projects. Once you complete your digital projects, you can store them as playlists to be broadcast whenever you wish. In addition, playlists can be grouped together to manipulate multiple projects at once.

Masterview is one of the first companies to offer Android-based digital signage. Just take a standard Android-based player connected to a screen or take an Android tablet. Download the Masterview Android player app, and immediately you can start broadcasting to it from any place in real time. Masterview offers the best money for signage in Software as a Service solution. Now. Enjoy an even better value by running our player on an Android device.

Masterview - Digital signage

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